It’s great when you have a working relationship with a builder and you say, ‘This is what I’m thinking,’ and he gets it straight away. Antonius Felix (Architect).


Project: Extension and redesign of existing family home.

Architect: Antonius + Associates
Builder: Benja Build
Owner: Benjamin & Catherine Peat


This was a joint project between Benjamin Peat and Antonius Felix.

The brief was to expand and overhaul of a Californian bungalow to create a family home with an industrial feel. To achieve this elements such as the visible steel brace across the living room and warehouse-style lights.

Building challenges included expanding on an existing building, limiting the impact of the site and neighbours, as well as balancing cost with achieving optimal quality of finishes.

Overall, the five-bedroom house has ample indoor and outdoor entertaining space that flows on from the open-plan kitchen.